Duplication of the keys to your business without your consent provides an easy way to breach security.

Without a restricted keying system, keys can be easily duplicated, providing access to your business – it’s valuables and it’s records.

Lockwood Generation Six is a legally protected restricted keying system designed for businesses that require control over access to keys.

All Lockwood Generation Six restricted keying systems can be tailored to suit the specific security and keying requirements of your business – from entry doors, offices and storerooms to padlocks.


  • Australian manufactured components
  • Key and barrel profiles legally protected by Design Registration to 2019
  • Lockwood proven design and manufacturing quality
  • Suitable for retro-fit installations
  • Affordable key control
  • Colour coded key inserts
  • Nickel silver keys for strength
  • Each system is registered and signature control applies to all orders


The Lockwood Generation Six restricted keying system offers a range of cylinders to suit both new and retro-fit installations. Cylinders are available to suit all Lockwood commercial locksets and the majority of existing commercial grade hardware installations.

The Lockwood Generation Six restricted keying system can be tailored to meet your requirements for both new and existing door hardware. A wide range of lock types can be easily adapted to suit Generation Six.


With a distinctive key head shape, individual keys within a master key system can be easily recognised through the use of colour coded inserts. There are a total of twelve colours to choose from.