The world-leading manufacturer of intelligent electronic access control and security systems

ICTProtegeWX are global leaders when it comes to innovative electronic access control. They have a wide range of products that work seamlessly together to provide a unified security solution. Newcastle Locksmiths & Security are proud to offer ICTProtegeWX solutions for commercial and industrial businesses in Newcastle.

ICTProtegeWX Products

ICTProtegeWX have a wide range of security products, including:

  • Access control
  • Intrusion detection
  • Building automation
  • Intercom solutions
  • Offsite monitoring
  • Proximity solutions

The Protégé Mobile App integrates with all these systems, allowing you to monitor and control your building on the go.

For more information about ICTProtegeWX products or the Protégé Mobile App, contact Newcastle Locksmiths & Security today.