We have a large range of premium quality safes to suit residential or commercial purposes.

A variety is on display in our showroom at competitive prices. We only deal with the best manufacturers and our experienced staff are available to advise you on the perfect product to suit your needs.


Guardall product lines range from high grade commercial products (bank safes, vaults, cash management safes, record protection safes, jewellers safes, drug safes) to home, fire protection and firearm safes.


Guardall BFG Safes

The BFG series safes offer $45,000 cash rating, burglary, grinder and 60 minutes fire resistance.

Guardall HV Home Vault Safes

The home vault safes have a recommended cash rating of $25,000 and fire resistance of 30 minutes.

Guardall EH Office Safes

The new Guardall GDF EH Safes have a certified 90 minutes fire rating, a basic electronic lock and 3-way locking bolt-work.

Guardall EN Home Safes

The Guardall GDF EN Safes have a certified fire rating and a basic electronic lock. This product is recommended for areas where fire protection is the main concern.

Guardall GDF KC Keys Safes

The Guardall GDF KC key safes are light duty lockable wall mounted key safes, available in 3 different sizes.

Guardall GKC Key Cabinets

Guardall GKC high quality key cabinets are made for the safekeeping of keys. These are not safes but lockable wall mountable key cabinets. Available in 3 different sizes.

Guardall GSK Basic Key Safes

Guardall GSK high quality key cabinets are made for the safekeeping of keys.

Guardall GSK High Security Key Storage

The Guardall High Security Key Storage Safes are designed by the industry for the industry, where key security is essential. Situations for use of these safes include various car, truck, caravan and motorcycle dealerships, auto rental dealers, boat wholesalers and machinery dealers.

Guardall FP Safes

The home vault safes have a recommended cash rating of $12,000 and fire resistance of 30 minutes.

Guardall Deposit Safes

Many different configurations are available in this series allowing various people access to different compartments and areas of the safe. Additional locking devices are also available to ensure only those with the proper authority have access.

Guardall High Security Deposit Safes

Featuring a commercial UL digital lock and keypad and a cash rating of up to $250,000 as well as anti-tamper re-locking device locks.

Guardall GDF 1 Hour Filing Cabinets

The GDF filing cabinets are a premium certified 1 hour fire resistant product. They have a digitally operated top locking drawer and every drawer is individually keyed.

Guardall FRD 2 Hour Filing Cabinets

The FRD range is designed to keep your documents and data safe from prying eyes and also the threat of fire. All FRD filing cabinets feature a data drawer and dual locking functions to protect valuable data storage devices and documents from heat and smoke.

Guardall In-Floor Safes

In-floor safes are designed to be buried in the floor and concealed by a dust cover under a rug or carpet.

Guardall GDF Data Safes

The Guardall GDF Series of Data Safes are specially designed with a second layer of fire protection to safeguard valuable data storage devices from hazards such as moisture, humidity, heat and magnetic fields. The data safes come with electronic locking and are designed to give 2 hour electronic data and record protection.

Guardall GDF Document Safes

The premium GDF record protection safes are specially designed to safeguard valuable documents from burglary and fire. These safes come with European certified TUV electronic locking, and are designed and certified to 2 hour fire protection.

Guardall KCR Safes

The Guardall KCR series of safes are designed for where maximum security is necessary. Situations include jewellers, banks and high cash turnover outlets such as restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, supermarkets, hotels and cinemas.

Guardall KS Safes

The Guardall KS series of safes meet both IATA Travel and Australian Pharmacy Guild specifications for the secure storage of documents and medication. The Guardall KS series of safes are designed and manufactured to give a high level of resistance against professional attack.

Guardall KS-SD Strong Room Doors

The KS-SD Strong Room Door is easily fitted to a new wall or existing building, offering the flexibility to establish your very own strong room in your home or business.

Guardall Gun Safes

Guardall has a complete gun safe range designed to accommodate the individual weapon owner or the serious gun enthusiast.

Guardall Storage Solutions Safes

This Guardall range is the perfect solution for the storage of bulky items that need to be stored with security in mind. For example: supermarkets storing cigarettes and other valuable merchandise or tradesman storing expensive tools.


Creone key cabinets and value boxes give you total control over your keys and valuables. All of their key cabinets and value boxes have code locks so you can easily decide who should be given access to a certain key or a certain door. Depending upon the series you choose, you also have the ability to pull up a history of information about a certain door or a certain key directly in the display.

All Creone key cabinets and value boxes are flexible and can easily be adapted to suit the user’s needs. Begin with storage for a few keys and then add on as the need arises. Over time, both the KeyBox and the ValueBox series can be expanded with the Expansion series. It is then possible to reach up to several thousand keys in the same system or up to 96 compartments in just one key management system. This creates flexibility and security in your cabinets.