A master key system is designed to manage the restriction of access to particular areas of a building allowing only authorised personnel to enter each space.

Newcastle Locksmiths & Security has over 35 years experience in designing, installing and servicing major master key projects. Continually updating with the latest technology in products, key machines and software, we deliver the optimum security choice, custom-tailored for each of our clients. We offer a diverse range of profiles from a simple keyed alike solution to the most complex of master key operations.


EVVA EPS G2 is a high-quality, patented, mechanical master key system manufactured in Vienna, Austria. EVVA is only available through locksmiths insuring that EVVA is always installed by fully qualified technicians.

Designed to elevate your access control, this cutting-edge solution brings unparalleled benefits to your environment. Enjoy enhanced security through its patented pin technology, ensuring maximum protection against unauthorized access. The EVVA EPS G2 keying system offers flexibility with its modular design, allowing seamless integration with existing security infrastructure.

How the system works

Experience the convenience of key control with restricted keyways, minimizing the risk of key duplication. The system’s user-friendly design streamlines key management, providing a hassle-free experience for administrators. With its durable and precision-engineered components, the EVVA EPS G2 keying system guarantees long-lasting performance, reducing maintenance costs over time. Embrace efficiency, security, and peace of mind – upgrade to the EVVA EPS G2 keying system and unlock a new level of control over your security landscape.


EVVA 4KS In the world of security, the EVVA 4KS Master Key System stands out as a beacon of innovation and reliability. This advanced keying system has revolutionized access control, offering a plethora of benefits and advantages for both residential and commercial settings. In this article, we will delve into the key features that make the EVVA 4KS Master Key System a top choice for those seeking superior security solutions.

High-Level Security:
The foremost advantage of the EVVA 4KS Master Key System is its exceptional security. The system employs cutting-edge technology to ensure that unauthorized access is virtually impossible. The keys and cylinders are designed with intricate mechanisms, making it extremely challenging for would-be intruders to pick or manipulate the lock. This level of security is crucial for safeguarding valuable assets and maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Patented Key Control:
One of the standout features of the EVVA 4KS system is its patented key control, which enhances overall security. Each key is carefully crafted and uniquely designed, and only authorized individuals have access to duplicate keys. This eliminates the risk of unauthorized key duplication and ensures that only those with the proper credentials can gain entry. The patented key control adds an extra layer of protection, making it a preferred choice for businesses and organizations with stringent security requirements.

Flexibility and Customization:
The EVVA 4KS Master Key System is highly flexible and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the user. Whether it’s a large commercial complex or a residential property, the system can be tailored to accommodate various access levels. This flexibility allows users to create a comprehensive access control strategy, ensuring that different areas or departments have the appropriate level of security without compromising convenience.

Durability and Longevity:
Investing in a security system means considering its longevity and durability. The EVVA 4KS Master Key System is built to withstand the test of time, featuring high-quality materials and precision engineering. The cylinders and keys are designed to resist wear and tear, ensuring that the system remains reliable even with frequent use. This durability not only provides peace of mind but also proves to be a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Seamless Integration:
The EVVA 4KS Master Key System is designed to seamlessly integrate with other security systems, such as electronic access control systems and surveillance systems. This integration enhances overall security measures and allows for centralized management of multiple security features. The ability to integrate with various technologies makes the EVVA 4KS system a versatile solution for businesses looking to create a comprehensive and interconnected security infrastructure.

Ease of Use and Maintenance:
Despite its advanced features, the EVVA 4KS Master Key System is user-friendly. Authorized personnel can easily navigate the system, granting or revoking access as needed. Additionally, routine maintenance is straightforward, contributing to the overall efficiency of the system. The user-friendly interface and low maintenance requirements make the EVVA 4KS system an attractive option for businesses and homeowners alike.

Cost-Effective Solution:
While the initial investment in a high-quality security system may seem substantial, the EVVA 4KS Master Key System proves to be a cost-effective solution in the long term. Its durability, longevity, and ability to be customized according to specific needs minimize the need for frequent replacements or upgrades. Businesses can thus enjoy robust security without compromising their budgetary constraints.

In conclusion, the EVVA 4KS Master Key System is a beacon of excellence in the realm of security solutions. Its unparalleled security features, patented key control, flexibility, durability, and seamless integration capabilities make it a top choice for those who prioritize the safety of their premises. As technology continues to advance, the EVVA 4KS system stands as a testament to the innovation driving the evolution of security systems, offering a reliable and comprehensive solution for both residential and commercial applications.

Dormakaba Expert Plus

Dormakaba Discover the unparalleled security and convenience that the Dormakaba Expert Plus keys and locks bring to your space. Tailored to meet the highest standards of key control and access management, these cutting-edge solutions redefine security protocols with a host of benefits:

Keying Combinations:

  • Keyed Alike
  • Keyed to Differ
  • Maison Keyed System
  • Master Key System
  • Grand Master Key System

Cylinder Types:

  • Padlock cylinder
  • Rim cylinder
  • Deadlock cylinder
  • Oval cylinder
  • Quick release oval cylinder
  • Oval cylinder – hold back
  • Astra oval cylinder
  • Orb oval cylinder
  • Threaded cylinder
  • Switch cylinder
  • Cam lock
  • PD cylinder
  • Key in knob cylinder
  • Mortice cylinder
  • Push lock
  • Furniture lock
  • Euro-profile


  • Satin Chrome Plate (SCP)
  • Natural Brass
  • Polished Brass Unlaquered (PBU)
  • Polished Brass Laquered (PBL)
  • Antique Bronze (ABN)
  • Bright Chrome Plate (CP)

Embrace the Dormakaba Expert Plus keys and locks for a secure, efficient, and customizable access control solution that aligns perfectly with your unique security requirements. Elevate your security standards with Dormakaba’s expertise in mechanical key systems.


  • Security: a high security standard thanks to radially arranged tumbler pin rows and unique cylinder construction.
  • Copy protection: created with a security card, computer controlled milling process and key blank protection.
  • Investment security: the master key system can be expanded at any time and can be integrated into electronic locking systems.
  • Convenience: the reversible key can be inserted into the lock cylinder in any position and requires little maintenance.
  • Identifiable: 12 different key clip colours for easy recognition.

Carbine LK2

LK2 is Carbine’s restricted key system which offers high levels of security, flexibility and quality in one complete package. As with the Lockwood Generation Six the LK2 prevents would be thieves from duplicating keys that secure your valuables. The key blanks are restricted to authorised dealers, who are legally prohibited from unauthorised duplication. The key design is protected by Australian and New Zealand law.


  • Patented components registered until 2024
  • Coloured key inserts are available as a great visual aid
  • Complete range of cylinders From mortice locks and leversets to deadlatches.
  • Manufactured to high precision standards

ProMaster Key Manager

ProMaster Key Manager is designed to track who has your keys and which areas the key holder can access, providing the ultimate in effective security. Many of the world’s largest organisations have selected this comprehensive software programme to provide the best in key tracking and management.

User defined security

As with most organisations, key holders usually have varying degrees of security clearance. ProMaster Key Manager makes it easy to provide multiple security levels with usernames and passwords for staff to access permitted parts of the programme.

Direct link to your locksmith

You can link directly with Newcastle Locksmiths & Security using the ProMaster Master Keying 7 system via ProMaster Key Manager. This allows you to receive regular updates and to order additional keys by email.

Simplified reporting system

With ProMaster Key Manager you can generate professionally designed reports that are clear and concise with the click of a mouse, showing valuable data including:

  • An inventory of keys in your control.
  • Who has been issued keys.
  • Where each key can access.
  • Who can access specific doors.
  • Generation of responsibility accepance forms.
  • Compromised doors from lost keys.

Carbine Sigma X

Carbine’s-The Carbine Sigma X, an innovative restricted keying system, boasting a multi-broach system design with up to 1,024 possible change profiles in the one hierarchy. The Sigma X simplifies the master key matrix and puts you in control.

Restricted Systems
Have you ever had a conventional restricted system run out of codes?

The approach to restricted keying design has been radically revolutionised by the Carbine research and development teams, working in collaboration with top Australian locksmiths. Unlike standard key profiling, the multi-broach method allows a basic broach profile to be expanded into hundreds of broach possibilities. Just select the profile barrel and profile key that best fit the hierarchy you want.

With Sigma X, you have the benefit of having over 300 times your usual hierarchy limit while still being able to use the conventional hierarchy of a restricted master key system. You select your hierarchy from 1,024 potential combinations.

Extremely Secure System
In order to prevent unlawful duplication of the system, restricted key blanks are only available to authorised partners under a written agreement. The design registration for the initial profile release of Carbine Sigma X is valid until 2030.
Year after year, new profiles with updated design registrations will be made available, enabling you to keep adding features to your systems.

Authorised partners must also maintain a record of all transactions, store key blanks in a restricted area, confirm the identification of end users seeking a key cut or copy, and only sell Sigma X multi-broach systems to end users.

  • Complete Range of Cylinders
  • 001 inner cylinder
  • CPF Fixed profile cylinders
  • CPL floating profile cylinders
  • Yarra Ridge sliding door cylinders
  • 570 oval cylinder
  • 201 rim cylinder
  • 530 lockset cylinder
  • PD (Schlage style) lockset cylinder
  • Whitco Sturt 7105
  • Kawneer 8466 cylinders
  • 570 hold back
  • Carbine residential lever CG3L & knobsets CG3K

Sigma X complex design makes it much more secure and resilient against lock picking attacks.

We restrict the key blanks to authorised dealers, who are legally prohibited from unauthorised duplication.
The key design is protected by Australian and New Zealand law.

All Sigma X components have been designed by Australian industry experts to the highest standards. Sigma X range is manufactured by lock manufacturing professionals with many years of experience.

Coloured key inserts are available as a great visual aid to allow you to easily manage your keys and security options.Highly Protected System

The design registration on the initial profile release of Carbine Sigma X is valid until 2030 with restricted key blanks available to authorised partners only under a signed agreement to protect the system from potentially unauthorised copying.

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