Newcastle Locksmiths & Security can ensure that you always feel safe in your own home

We have a large range of Alarm and CCTV solutions that can be tailored to your lifestyle, family and property requirements to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve, while enabling you to live your best life unencumbered by outdated security restrictions. Pet friendly sensors allow your furry friends to run around downstairs with the alarm armed and ready to protect you from intruders, while upstairs you’re still able to walk to the bathroom or between bedrooms without tripping any alerts. This is just one example of the kind of creative solutions that we can customise to meet your needs.

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The Technology

No matter where you go, home is never far away

Manage your security system from the palm of your hand, even while you’re at work with a security solution featuring easy to use smartphone app control. Bring all the live feeds from your CCTV together in one place and swipe back through the day in minutes with autosaved snapshots of those important moments that are so easy to miss in our busy lives. You can rest easy and no longer worry about intruders as your cameras can be configured to take a picture and start recording when anybody enters the premises with an instant notification sent to your smartphone. You’ll be the first to know what’s happening and can even talk to your pets through a two-way communicator no matter where you are in the world.

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Keep your valuables safe from intruders or fire with a secure home safe

For the ultimate in peace of mind, why not keep your most valuable items safe in a CMI Home safe,. This will keep them secure from intruders or nosy guests as well as protected in the event of a fire. CMI Home Vault Safes are ideal for the small office or for any resident who values security and quality workmanship. They are excellent for securing valuables and the protection of documents and collectables. They feature commercial UL digital locks and keypads, anti-tamper re-locking devices on all locks, hardened anti-drill plates surrounding both locks and external hinges with internal anti-pry dead bolts. A home safe could ensure that you keep your passport, jewellery, birth certificates and any other sentimental items completely protected.

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