Access Control

A comprehensive access control system from Newcastle Locksmiths & Security will give you complete oversight

Manage staff attendance with ease and confidence. This may entail the operation control of key access points such as a boom gate using keyless entry options including a swipe card, fob or pin pad. All entries and exits can be registered in the software component of the system. This solution would also allow you to keep track of staff movement and attendance and restrict certain staff from accessing certain areas. Our mining and industry solutions can be tailored to your company’s precise needs.

In an emergency evacuation, our access control systems can save lives

The use of an access control system for monitoring staff attendance and movement within your facility will be particularly advantageous in the case of an emergency evacuation. In this instance, your security systems will be able to quickly provide you with an audit of which staff are still on site. These attendance features can also be used in regular operational time to manage payroll and keep track of employee punctuality.

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CCTV allows you to monitor workstations, for safety and productivity

We offer all-in-one smart platforms that can manage cameras as well as integrating and boosting your access control through advanced features. These smart features include heat mapping and people counting, which can help you to effortlessly manage the safety, security and productivity of your mining or industrial facility. Now more than ever it’s crucial that Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S) procedures are being adhered to. A CCTV solution from Newcastle Locksmiths & Security will give you the peace of mind that your workforce is operating within WH&S guidelines.

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