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Newcastle Locksmiths is please to announce that they have just signed with dormakaba as the new Expert Plus dealer in Newcastle

Only Available from Dealers

The new coding on the key tip cannot be produced with conventional key milling machines. If this code is not present, the key can be neither inserted nor turned. New shapes of the tumbler pins let the key glide smoothly into the keyway. Keys are only available from dormakaba or from authorised dealers.


Expert plus is ideal for locking systems in the following areas:

  • Business and industrial sites
  • Public buildings
  • Airports
  • Educational facilities
  • Healthcare & aged care
  • Hotels
  • Residential homes
  • Apartment buildings

Feature Overview

The expert plus system is a master keying system coded and assembled by locksmiths with extensive master keying capabilities. The modular design allows adaptation to all cylinder housings and the modular insert is easily assembled. The smooth operation of the system avoids key breakages and the highly sophisticated positioning of pins (22 pins) caters for large keying systems whilst maintaining the same level of security.


Kaba cylinders can do more than just lock and unlock doors. With its special functions, Kaba cylinders can do more than you would think:

  • Temporary access for third parties (SAT)
  • Thermally insulated cylinders for “passive” house construction
  • 3 different thumbturn knob shapes
  • Blind on one side
  • Cylinder with electrical contact
  • Priority (the key unlocks from the outside, if a key is in the cylinder on the inside)
  • Double key override allows opening regardless on which side a key is inserted in the lock cylinder.
  • Emergency key (for rescue services)
  • Construction time changes the keyling with replacing the lock cylinder
  • Freewheel cam for emergency and gear operated locks
  • Cam with relative movement
  • Cogwheel cam with up to 18 teeth
  • Housing with steel reinforcement plates against pulling

Kaba Modular

The Kaba Modular System lets cylinders be rebuilt on site to other lengths or even other cylinder types with little effort. The keying remains unchanged.

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Newcastle Locksmiths and Security is your new dormakaba Exprt Plus Dealer in Newcastle
Newcastle Locksmith can audit and upgrade your system to the best suited for your needs
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