Bluetooth Access Control & Alarm Systems

With up to 144 zones, 16 access doors or readers & 990 users, Solution 6000 is the fully integrated security solution that has the alarm features you’ve always loved, with the access control capabilities you’ve always needed. Supporting both wired and Bluetooth options , the combination of its intuitive user interface and high-speed programming software make it an easy-to-use complete security solution ideal for commercial premises and larger homes.


Whether you are looking to secure a home, a shop, or a commercial property, every premises is going to be different, and you need to know that your system has the flexibility to adapt to your requirements.

With the ability to be expanded to support up to 144  detection devices, and up to 16 doors of access control, the Solution 6000 is a cost-effective security solution that can grow as your needs grow. And with the ability to cater for up to 990 users, supporting programmable authority levels and simplistic operation, the Solution 6000 can provide the perfect fit even in the largest of security applications.

Integrated Access Control

Access Control is no longer reserved only for larger, more expensive systems. The solution  incorporates Smart  technology from Bosch, providing an affordable and effective solution for integrated access control for up to 16 doors – making it suitable for anything from the front door of your home up to mid-sized commercial installations. Compatible Smart Card readers incorporate entry/exit and lock control built-in, which reduces cost and simplifies installation.

Bosch provides you with a choice of access control user interfaces including internal or weatherproof external Smart Card readers, keypads with built-in WiFi, Bluetooth  and Smart Card readers, or for a higher security option, biometric fingerprint readers.

Site Managed Software

Site Manager is a software platform for the Bosch Solution 6000 intrusion panels that gives you the ability to easily administer the day-to-day operations of your system. The software allows a security manager to control multiple panels in different locations by way of conventional IP networks, giving them access to user lists, access control, time zones, and system and user activity logs.

The Interactive mode of Site Manager allows you to remotely control features of the panel such as outputs, doors, and includes a live log of access and other events. When used with the optional Desktop Smart Card/Token Reader, Site Manager allows you to learn in access cards and tokens at the administration PC, without having to go out to a field device.

Feature Overview

  • Integrated access and alarm
  • 16 access control readers or keypads
  • Full text menu display for programming & user control
  • Smart Card, biometric and external readers, with external keypad options
  • Up to 144 wired or wireless zones & 990 users
  • Cloud connectivity including push notification, remote control, and monitoring

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