Our range of digital smart locks & keyless entry options include intercoms, biometrics, pinpad entry and proximity cards

Digital smart locks have rapidly gained popularity in Australia, offering a myriad of benefits that enhance security, convenience, and overall peace of mind for homeowners and businesses alike. In the dynamic landscape of access control, these innovative devices redefine traditional notions of lock and key.

One of the primary advantages of digital smart locks is the heightened level of security they provide. Unlike traditional locks that rely on physical keys, smart locks leverage advanced encryption and authentication technologies. Features such as biometric recognition, PIN codes, and remote monitoring contribute to a multi-layered security approach, reducing the vulnerability associated with traditional lock-and-key systems. This not only protects against unauthorized access but also provides a comprehensive audit trail for tracking entry and exit activities.

Convenience is a key driver behind the adoption of digital smart locks. Users can unlock doors with a simple touch, a PIN code, or even through mobile applications. The elimination of physical keys translates into freedom from the worry of lost or stolen keys. Homeowners can grant temporary access to guests, service providers, or delivery personnel remotely, enhancing flexibility in managing access to their property.

Integration with smart home ecosystems is another notable benefit. Digital smart locks can be seamlessly integrated with home automation systems, allowing users to control locks alongside other connected devices. This enables the creation of personalized routines, such as automatically locking doors when the security system is armed or unlocking upon the owner’s arrival, adding an extra layer of convenience to daily life.

Energy efficiency and cost savings further contribute to the appeal of digital smart locks. Some models offer features like geofencing, automatically adjusting settings based on the user’s location. This not only enhances security but also ensures that doors are locked when necessary, potentially reducing energy consumption and associated costs.

Digital smart locks represent a technological leap in access control, combining robust security measures with unparalleled convenience. With features designed to simplify daily life, enhance security, and integrate seamlessly with modern living, these locks offer a compelling solution for those seeking a smarter and more secure way to control access to their properties.
We customise systems to suit individual needs, ranging from simple, modestly priced solutions for residential and small office applications all the way up to fully integrated commercial systems incorporating a comprehensive array of custom-tailored features and benefits.


SALTO’S state-of-the-art electronic locking systems offer flexible and functional keyless entry with an array of software options. Their access control systems are designed to work in a wire free environment so there is no need to hardwire the building, allowing you to keep your original doors and locks in place. This makes installation fast, self contained and straightforward.

Both key cards and locks can be programmed to allow or restrict access to different parts of the building. And the information stored in the key card can be transferred to a computer to provide precise audit trail information about where and when each lock has been used including the date, time and whether access was allowed or denied.


With SALTO KS you can use keyless entry to manage your business access and see what’s happening on your door. Proximity tags replace bulky rings of keys, and grant designated access to visitors, employees, or even delivery services whenever it’s appropriate for them to enter. Simply assign a tag, and define when and where that tag can go.

Lost tags are inevitable; simply block and assign a new one and receive a notification if someone tries to enter with a blocked tag. Door access points are equipped with wireless SALTO locks, which takes commands from the IQ inside the property. Use any combination of locks to manage access throughout a whole property or even across different properties in different locations.

We can customise a SALTO KS system to meet the needs of a variety of industries including:

  • Retail: Oversee keyless entries across multiple locations from one app. Makes access control a simple and secure solution for retail managers and owners to audit keys, users and doors across multiple locations from one central web interface as well as through the smartphone app.
  • Rental properties: Manage access with convenience. Provides the host with myriad advantages on property access control for staff, maintenance and clients as well as improving the guest experience.
  • Shared Spaces: Grant easy access, track usage. Makes access control a clever solution for coworking and shared spaces, to define who goes where and when in a building. To grant designated access to visitors and employees at the tap of a finger.


Austyle Australia has established itself as a leading provider of innovative and secure digital locks, revolutionizing access control solutions for residential and commercial spaces. With a commitment to cutting-edge technology and design excellence, Austyle has become synonymous with reliability, convenience, and enhanced security.

At the heart of Austyle’s digital lock offerings is a sophisticated blend of advanced electronic components and robust mechanical systems. The company’s digital locks are designed to seamlessly integrate into modern lifestyles, providing users with a seamless and user-friendly experience. Whether for residential homes, offices, or other commercial environments, Austyle’s digital locks offer a versatile and customizable solution to meet diverse security needs.One key feature of Austyle’s digital locks is their state-of-the-art biometric recognition technology. Fingerprint and facial recognition systems ensure that only authorized individuals can gain access, adding an extra layer of security beyond traditional key-based or code-entry mechanisms. This not only enhances overall security but also eliminates the need for physical keys, reducing the risk of unauthorized duplication or loss.

Austyle’s digital locks are engineered with durability in mind, capable of withstanding various environmental conditions while maintaining optimal performance. The locks are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and reliability over time. Additionally, the sleek and modern designs contribute to the aesthetics of any space, blending seamlessly with different architectural styles.

Remote access and monitoring capabilities further distinguish Austyle’s digital locks. Users can conveniently manage access permissions and monitor lock activity through mobile applications or online platforms. This feature is particularly beneficial for property owners and managers who require real-time control and visibility.

In summary, Austyle Australia’s digital locks embody a harmonious integration of cutting-edge technology, robust security features, and contemporary design. With a focus on accessibility, durability, and innovation, Austyle continues to redefine access control standards, providing customers with a reliable and sophisticated solution for their security needs.

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