Smoke Cloak Easy

When you are suffering from losses and the security services simply cannot arrive in time to prevent them, SmokeCloak is the perfect solution. Hiding your valuables within seconds we ensure that intruders leave empty handed. With a great deal experience in a diverse range of applications, we are very happy to help you protect yourself, your staff and your valuables from harm.

The SmokeCloak EASY range is the perfect choice for securing a wide variety of areas, for instance:

• Small rooms with PC-equipment, Server rooms, flat screens, optical equipment, valuable documents etc.
• Local security (point security) – securing a local area in a large room
• High value stores with safes, expensive goods such as perfume, IT-equipment, jewellery, tobacco etc.
• Larger open plan stores/offices
• Anti raid protection in high security environments

Product Features

• Very high output of dense white fog for maximum protection
• Harmless dry vapour with no negative side effects
• The fog hangs up to an hour
• Fluid refill system
• Danish design
• Battery back-up
• Heavy duty sabotage resistant case
• Internal system status LED indicators
• Built-in self diagnostics
• Electronic fluid measurement system
• Output signals for communication with existent alarm system
• Input signals for controlling the SmokeCloak from existing
alarm systems

Smoke Cloak Fog Systems Are Especially Designed For


  • Small
  • Large
  • L-shaped.


  • Small store – jewellery store
  • Large store – Blockbuster, furniture shops.
  • Petrol stations
  • Banks
  • Golf shops
  • Mobile phone shops


  • Small & Large warehouses

Public buildings

  • Schools

Newcastle Locksmiths is Newcastle’s leading supplier and installer of SmokeCloak Products.

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